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My life and work are hectic and the way I keep everything in balance is through my daily run. When I started to experience severe knee pain that stopped me from enjoying my daily routine, I was distraught. A friend of mine advised me to book an appointment with Dr. Joe Castelli and it was the best advice I ever received. He spent the time with me to understand why this form of exercise was so important to me physically and mentally and he assured me I wouldn’t have to give it up forever. I started a course of treatment with him and all the while he explained to me how, when I resumed running, there were things I could to ensure that the injury would not reoccur. I feel that while Dr. Castelli has such a good reputation for his knowledge and experience, the crucial thing that makes a difference in his practice is that he listens and he cares. He does everything possible to help you get back to the life that you want. Thanks to his treatments and the continuing exercises he prescribed, I am once again enjoying my daily runs. Thank-you,

Stephen Saulnier

Living actively at all ages

Recently the pain of arthritis was stopping me from enjoying an active life. I started saying no to invitations I really wanted to accept because the pain was wearing me down. My doctor suggested I book an appointment with Dr. Joe Castelli at S.P.O.R.T Physiotherapy and Wellness. I did so, but I had almost given up hope that anything could be done to help me get my zest for life back. Within just a few of his manual-therapy based treatments, I felt the pain going away and my enjoyment of life returning. He took the time to explain to me how I could help myself with his prescribed exercise and how I could work to ensure that my condition didn’t push me to decline faster than I wanted to. Every day that I get up and go out and do something I enjoy, I am grateful to Dr. Joe as I called him. It is rare these days to find someone with that much compassion and understanding as well as expertise and experience. With best regards,

Lynda Hazlet

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